Android Apps for Learning

Android Apps for Learning - To you who are still in school, college or have children you should have the following 3 Android application. Because now in the Google Play Store dominates messaging applications, games, and social media so it seems rather difficult to find applications that can help in education.
Android Apps

 Well here are three great Android apps and fun to learn:

  • Celeste

For you who want to learn about the universe, Celeste SE this is a great application for you to use. With a 3D view of the sun, moon, and planets are constantly moving across the sky. Using this application you will know where the sun and moon would appear and disappear today or find out when all the planets will align. You simply point the camera and you can see where the components of the solar system is located, either night or day, even when you are indoors. Unfortunately Celeste application does not work on the device Samsung Galaxy

Android Apps

  • Algebra Tutor

Want to learn algebra or teach children about algebra? You can use the application's Algebra Tutor to know or learn algebra. Algebra gradually each formula, it is certainly going to help when you have difficulties or locate your fault. Algebra tutor is equipped with 35 concept to practice so that you can find the formula and understand how to use the formula.

Android Apps for Learning

  • Wikipedia

Who does not know the Wikipedia, much of the data and information contained in this Wikipedia. By using Wikipedia app for android you can find the information you need to perform tasks, learn exam, or just want to find things that are rare

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