android application : How to Install Android Applications

android application : How to Install Android Applications - A variety of applications that can be installed on Android devices is one of the added value and appeal to the users of the gadget to use. You can find applications of photography, entertainment related to employment matters such as data and documents with ease.

android application

android application - Here is how to install Android apps:

  • Android Market

android application

For those of you Android users would have been familiar with the Android Market, known as the Play Store. Google's market application facilitates you to download the latest application complete with latest updates notifications from applications you've installed.

  • Android SDK

android application

Aside from the market applications provided by Google, you can also get the Android application from the website or forum that it provides in the form of APK file to install. To be able to install it, you just need the Android SDK program.

  1. Download and install the Android SDK and Android USB drivers on your PC.
  2. Change the settings on your Android device to allow installation of applications from other sources. Go to Settings> Application Settings> Unknown Sources. Then on the menu Settings> SD Card & Phone Storage> Activate connection to USB.
  3. Open a Command Prompt in Windows and type adb install /.apk.Ganti with the path that leads to the APK file is stored and replace with the APK file name, for example adb install C: angry birds.apk. Once the application is installed, the Android device you're ready to use.

  • Android Injector

android application

Android Injector can you get by doing a search through Google. Download and install Android Injector on your PC.

How to install Android applications using the Android Injector:

  • Connect your PC to your Android device
  • Perform the settings on your Android device: Settings> Applications> Development> USB debugging check mark.
  • Run Android apps injector.
  • Click Menu> Check for attached devices.
  • Select the file by clicking the select file and select which application you want to install.
  • Click to install the devices, then the application will be installed on your Android device.
  • Wait until the installation is complete, and then click Exit.

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