Pro Evolution Soccer Galaxy Patch v1.0 2016

PES Galaxy Patch (Pro Evolution Soccer ) PES 2016 v1.0 | for artificial patch PES Galaxy team soccer patch PES 2016, deliberatelyreserved for Galaxy PES PES 2016 patch v1.0 game lovers you are. As we know, torelease patch quality PESGalaxy is always a play we do not size size and ability toprove that you can. 

Unlike  others patch, patch v1.0 PESGalaxy PES 2016while playing this for patch 1 and PES 2016 more you up-to-date will ensures thatinterested, make the game PES 2016 more Kit ranging from would be the ball,Stadium, or other.

Screen shot:

How to install:
  1. Put all the pieces in a folder, use WinRAR to extract.
  2. Specify a file name, do PES run DLCUpdate 1.0.exe advance and your installationfolder (by default: c:\ program files / Pro Evolution Soccer 2016).
  3. And install the PESGalaxy patch v1.0nya, if it completes the PES even 2016 mu pleasenavigate to the folder.
  4. After 2, do not run the game in advance.
  5. Latest crack in the folder "crack patch 1.2", copy the files to update.
  6. Paste it over.
  7. In offline mode, non-steam exe file already open PESGalaxy Switch.exe then dressing.
  8. Play the word completion and celebration.
  9. But hopefully useful:)
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