Danger! Do not Install Applications It

Danger! Do not Install Applications It If You Do not Want Hp Locked and Floating Money Looks 

like you had to be alert again when installing an application on a device , especially applications that are pornographic . This is related to the circulation of the application of an application under the guise of adult content providers are utilized certain elements to extortion to users.

  One of the applications that can squeeze the guise of pornography users named Adult Player . This application is not available on Google Play, but when you're surfing the internet looking for pornographic content , might you be directed to install . Adult Player application targeting users of Android-based device . If the sasaran has terlajur Adult Player installed applications , secretly this application will hack into the system your device .

 Furthermore Adult Player application can photograph your face through the front camera and send it to the creator of the application server . Instantly , your device will be automatically locked and can not be opened despite the restart . Then the screen will display a message asking you to transfer some money to your PayPal account peretass .

 Adult Player application into the category ransomware , a type of malware that can pave the devices you use and run something undesirable . To prevent this, you are advised to never install an application that feels alien and from unofficial sources .

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