advan s4e : prices, specifications, advantages and shortcomings = advan s4e : prices, specifications, advantages and shortcomings - Advan S4E Vandroid this is one device that outputs the Local Manufacturers Advan mobile device is marketed in Indonesia since June 2014 last month, comes with a screen of 4.5 inch and armed DualCore Processor 1GHz. Advan Vandroid S4E is classified as one of the Device in bandrol with a relatively affordable price, what does not, only at a price 6ratus thousands of course, you can menikmti a device that has multimedia features are pretty good, with the advantages this does not mean Device local did not have any non overage, Now let us discuss together menganai Pros And lack overage Advan Vandroid S4E, but before we review it, following Spesifiaksi of Advan Vandroid S4E. before discussing its advantages and disadvantages. we will discuss the price and its specs.
advan s4e
Prices HP Advan Vandroid Last Update S4E This month pegged at Rp 499,000 per unit. Not to be outdone by his rival who had been perched on top, this time companies from Indonesia Advan issued a final release device with Advan series Vandroid S4E at a very low price. Newer devices are proven aimed at the lower middle class, its specifications passable fairly capable in meeting the needs of consumers.

Specifications and pricing Advan S4E Vandroid typically seen in the following review.

Specifications Advan Vandroid S4E

On newer devices made by Advan the screen carrying capacity of 4.0 "which was bearable enjoy digenggaman hands of the wearer. On the operating system running Android OS 4.2 Jelly Bean which is supported with a capacity of 256 MB RAM and powered battery capacity fairly capable in running software and features daily with a capacity of 1400 mAh. In the data storage capacity Advan Vandroid S4E flyer internal memory with a capacity of 2 GB and support as a means of enhancing memory slot up to 32 GB of external capacity. On-line cameras have a resolution which can be considered mediocre by carrying the 2 MP camera at the rear absolute contained Advan S4E which has been equipped with autofocus and LED flash. At the front camera has a resolution of 2 MP which has yielded valuable selfie shots. In the kitchen runway supported by the processor Dual-core CPU with a speed of 1 GHz driveway. and there are a variety of additional features of the flyer by the Advan ie, Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi 802.11, and a USB port. Device made by Advan also flyer Dual-SIM card which can be directly activated segaligus in Advan Vandroid S4E.

Price Advan Vandroid S4E Last

Tailored to the provision of the specifications and features of the Advan Vandroid S4E, prices are priced pretty cheap with a hefty price range of $ 499,000 to the new price per unit. The price is right to target the entry level. Advan Vandroid also there are 2 variants of color with black and white color variants.
advan s4e

After we watched bebrapa Specifications of Adavan Vandroid S4E above, can say Device china has various advantages should we know, well what are the advantages of being owned this device let us cover together about the advantages of Advan Vandroid S4E:

Excess Advan Vandroid S4E:

  • Having a fast networks 3G / HSDPA In Arm driveway Internet Fast 3G that will make you more easily and freely explore the world of the Internet, but for areas that have not existing 3G network it need not be afraid, kaerana Advan Vandroid S4E is also in the Arm with a GPRS network and EDGE
  • Android Jellybean OS Android Jellybean has been introduced a cool view and capability of rapid when compared with the previous OS Ice Cream Sandwitch. Not only was the android OS introduces flexibility in installing software and favorite game sort of BBM, WhatsApp, LINE, etc. Clash of Clans.
  • Has an elegant look Vandroid S4E Advan has a terrific view and elegant in today and precise in use by all ages of children - children and adults
  • Feature WIFI, GPS With a presence Fiwi You can enjoy the driveway Internet, if they are in areas that have dots Hostpot, and can find the location melalaui GPS.
  • Mentrasnfer files faster with Bluetooth v3.0 Being able to transfer data faster than previous versions.
  • Selesaiolusi screen 480 x 800 Pixels With a screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, you will feel Yemen while browsing, Main Game and Watch your favorite Videos
  • With a 1GHz Dual Core Processor Processor 1GHz DualCore it will make the performance of the device becomes enjoy and not slow
Well after we review together about the advantages of Advan Vandroid S4E above, can say Device Airport has various advantages can we feel every day, but do not be blinded by such excess as well as contend This device is perfect, the article Advan Vandroid S4E also have the lack overage The following sort:

The lack overage Advan Vandroid S4E:

  • Display Type ordinary ordinary TFT screen is not, open the IPS Or AMOLED, and has not been in a kind of screen protector Arm with Gorilla Glass, Dragontail Glass and others, so the User is obliged to be careful when putting this Device
  • With 2GB of internal measures just 2GB certainly would make no overage Users feel satisfied because the limited capacity of the
  • The capacity of only 256 MB RAM with 256 MB RAM only, so multitasking of the device would be no more leverage when running certain software and usually will close itself

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