advan s4a : prices, specifications, advantages and shortcomings

web-android.comadvan s4a : prices, specifications, advantages and shortcomings - Advan as vendors increasingly gadget issued last device to be able to compete with other vendors. On this day Advan try his luck in the market of low-end devices are beginning to demand a bit of gadget enthusiasts. Entry-level market is trying to penetrate through Advan S4A which is a new product output Advan. Output device 2014 has a 4-inch screen and high speed dual core processor with a cost that is not great. Advan S4A is a low-end product segments but with a fairly good specs. Not only is it also looks very classy and the display device may be pitted with other vendors.
advan s4a
advan S4A engined 1.2 GHz Dual Core is provided with the help of Android Jelly Bean operating system makes it very calculated Advan phone arena of competition in the low end market. Advan S4A camera facility capable of supporting the needs gambargrafi you with a resolution of 5 MP can make the picture clear. Not to mention with the data storage Advan large S4A 4 GB and still can be expanded with a Micro SD card up to 32 GB for storage in a larger scale. Not only is it not a few still available Another great feature on the device's Advan S4A, the curious friends? Let us refer to the specifications yuk together at today's session.

Specifications Advan S4A

Device Screen 4 Inches

Advan S4A

Specifications Advan S4A has a compact appearance with a rectangular shape with four curved facet and stable. Phone with the dimensions of 122.5 x 63.7 x 10.2 mm with a weight of 105 grams physical form Advan S4A easily grasped and the go anywhere. Advan device also has a 4 inch screen alias equivalent of 480 x 800 pixels fairly fit for people who do not really like the large screen mobile phone. Not only that the screen has a color depth levels reach 233 ppi pixel density. Type of display that is in itself a S4A Advan Specifications TFT Capacitive Touchscreen that could produce a fairly clear display with a fairly good value.

Engined 1.2 GHz Dual Core

In the sector of kitchen spur specification Advan S4A has its own advantages in its class with the power of high speed processor 1.2 GHz Dual Core to process the data in the phone. Not only that Advan S4A has Android operating system v4.2.2. Jelly Bean which is no less compatible with the software in Playstore. Device Advan S4A can arguably quite powerful and smooth in playing HD Gaming that need hefty specifications gahar. While the sector has a capacity of 512 MB RAM is fairly limited in the process of multitasking. Surely RAM on the specifics of the S4A Advan be one non remainder of this phone.

5 MP Camera Resolution

The value of the specification camera Advan S4A tolerable tolerable for low end class. Equipped with a 5 MP front camera images produced middling results impressive and have a high degree of clarity. You can preserve some important events that you have with family or friends you beloved. S4A Advan camera can produce images with a density of 2592 x 1944 LED flash with the features of Flash and Video Record. While the front camera specifications Advan S4A has a resolution of 2 MP which can generate a good value at the time meperbuat selfie activity alias to contact your friends with a video call.

Expansion Memory 32 GB

Specifications Advan S4A has a sizable internal memory of 4 GB to store some of the data that you need. After clipped to the operating system on the device, the remaining memory still you can use to store downloaded some software most often downloaded in playstore such as a BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Mobile alias even legendary game Android sort Subway Surfers alias Pou. Not only that some of the song files that you like alias even a mini movie could you save on this S4A Advan. Well certainly a capacity of 4 GB to store all of it was nothing more, therefore specifications Advan S4A still can be expanded with a Micro SD card of 32 GB to support your data storage needs.

HSDPA High Speed ​​Connectivity

In the sector of connectivity specifications Advan S4A has also seeded with the technology that accommodates the entrance of a sort of fast internet speed HSDPA 7.2 Mbps and HSUPA which has a speed of 5.76 Mbps. You can surf in cyberspace at high speed while no network technologies. To download some software and HD Gaming also has download speeds steady. Advan S4A is also equipped with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspot, Wi-Fi facilitates you to access the Internet wherever available Wi-Fi networks as well as fixed within a radius of its network while the Wi-Fi hotspot berkegunaaan so Advan S4A can be a router that becomes acces point in surfing in cyberspace. Not only does it form its USB connector is a micro USB v2.0 which is smaller than the regular USB connector, and features Bluetooth v3.0 transfer between devices that speed is still no more than the last version bluetooh currently available. In the specification Advan S4A is also available features A-GPS to detect location and destination would you go if it got lost on the way.

Dual SIM Device & Battery Boros

Specifications Advan S4A also has excellent features Dual SIM cards that can accommodate two SIM cards in one device. The type of carrier card that can be used is a GSM-GSM and can not use the type of CDMA operators. Unfortunately the battery sector is precisely this device is far minus than any other device in the low end class. Battery type Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery is passable for spending power Advan S4A especially with the rather demanding specifications of a large battery. If you want to use S4A Advan while a full day of activities make sure you regularly lift POWERBANK and anticipate battery charger for devices that do not run out in the street. Now that's a glimpse of the specification Advan S4A can Begawei summarize, let us check the price.

Price Advan S4A

Specifications are pretty good earlier surely required is supported by bandrolnya affordable price too great to be able to the public's attention. Well in this segment will explain the price advan Begawei last S4A to comrades all. After explaining about this device Begawei concluded that this device has a fairly special specifications with a dual core processor, the memory that is free, that resolution camera steady, until the fast connectivity features. But surely only minus coupled with its main sector which quickly drains the battery. Well here comrades must have wondered what the price of the last sale S4A Advan Advan in Indonesia?
Advan S4A
Advan S4A prices for low-end class segmentation according Begawei very sparingly by considering some of the features that exist on this device. As for the price advan last S4A are priced by Advan in Indonesia alone marketed at a price range of Rp 800.000, -. With a very affordable price is certainly not for the rather gahar device at the low end of this class? According Begawei still very affordable because it is supported by a fairly robust specification with a dual core processor, 4-inch screen, and features dual sim membikinnya certainly tolerable is unmatched in the class phones with price below 1 million. With Advan price very affordable last S4A this seems Advan want phone sales is selling well.

But the need for you to know that the price of the last S4A Advan Begawei hinggakan above is just a price range which may not be the same as the original selling price today. To ensure the price you can visit tokoHP in cyberspace alias minus over the area you are selling Advan this S4A. This phone certainly be one good choice for you who are looking for an affordable Android phones but have a fairly mutrakhir specification for the price. With these specifications, if the phone is built by another vendor then maybe the price would be much more expensive. For that come immediately to hunt this Advan phone before running out
advan s4a

Excess Advan Vandroid S4A

  • As the entry-level class device Advan Vandroid S4A have specifications Dual Core 1 GHz processor fairly compete in this class. Storage media is occupied by an internal memory of 4 GB which can be expanded up to 32GB with microSD card.
  • Accommodates purposes You'll devices with two GSM-GSM SIM slot.
  • As a means driveway chat software, Advan Vandroid S4A is equipped with such famous chat software BBM, WhatsApp, Line, KakaoTalk, WeChat, etc. Not only was surely only a software Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Path, etc. has also been supported by Advan S4A.
  • S4A Vandroid Advan camera uses two camera rear camera 5 MP camera that is equipped with an LED flash, while the front camera supports a resolution of 2 MP.
  • Advan Vandroid S4A as a device has a feature - a standard feature Device in general, ie WiFi, Bluetooth, Internet Browsing, Music Player and Video Player.

The lack overage Advan Vandroid S4A

  • No larger battery capacity, only 1200 mAh. You should also propose to accompany Advan POWERBANK device Vandroid S4A in daily activities.
  • Although many entry-level class device 512 MB RAM wear some sort of embedded in Advan Vandroid S4A, but the memory capacity is considered no more to meet the needs of multitasking.
All non overage above is very reasonable for a device in this class.

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