advan s3: Price and Specifications  : advan s3 : Price and Specifications - Advan is one of the local vendors considerable incentive to offer a product - a product of local devices that have high value at an affordable price sort Advan Advan Vandroid Vandroid S5P and Q7A. One affordable device that has just presented by the new Advan - this is advan Vandroid new S3. This device is an entry level product that is priced below 1 million. In Lazada, the device is priced at USD 638 000, -. Sure the price is very affordable for device.
advan s3
The screen resolution offered by this Advan device proved to be too large so the value is not more satisfying. But this factor is reasonable considering the hefty price of this device which is only Rp 600 thousands. At least the screen on the device could memberbagi menu design and a fairly clear picture

In the storage sector, this device is equipped with an internal memory that is not too large, namely 512 MB. This capacity is low compared to other low entry device comes with a lot of internal memory above 1 GB. Luckily, the device is equipped with a microSD slot for memberbagi external memory up to 32 GB

The connectivity features offered by mobile Advan The latter has included such a complete 3.5 mm audio jack, WiFi, Bluetooth and microUSB port. Not only that, this affordable device is also equipped with a 2 megapixel camera with selesaiolusi absolute maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. Remarkably, only 600 thousand affordable hp is also equipped with a front camera mesikipun remain limited to VGA resolution.

In the sector of kitchen spur, this smartphone powered by chipsets from Mediatek MT6572 comes with a dual core processor speed of 1 GHz. To support the performance of the processor, the smartphone is also equipped with a memory capacity of 256 MB RAM. RAM capacity offered is also relatively quite small because most smartphones today come with RAM capacity of 512 MB and above.

Moreover, with the support of the RAM, the smartphone is also less reliable when used for multitasking as well as when opening a tough applications. Advan Vandroid S3 runs the operating system Android 4.2 Jelly bean. To support the performance, Advan has pinned a Lithium Ion battery with a capacity of 1000 mAh.

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