windows 10 : how to Cleaning and Accelerating Performance PC

windows 10 : how to Cleaning and Accelerating Performance PC - PC you use sometimes does not run as fast as expected when required at the time of urgency. No matter you are a Mac or Windows user, the PC when you are in a bad performance and you have a job that must be solved immediately then it can be musibah.Janganlah never lazy to clean both inside and outside of your PC. Outside the intention is to clean dust off your PC devices.

windows 10 : how to Cleaning and Accelerating Performance PC

To clean your PC from within, his tips as follows:

1. Set Everything 

you experience in using computers may be able to slow down your PC if you have a lot of clicks to the folder or the data just to find a file. The first to overcome the slow PC by minimizing human error. That means you group files that you usually use in a folder that you will likely frequent use. You can use the Grid wallpaper or a separate folder.

2. Discard unused Run Disk Cleanup,

 it can make you get some empty space in your hard drive and improve the performance of your computer. You can help speed up your PC by removing the data and the useless files on your computer such as temporary files, duplicate files, download, and no other significant software on your PC. You can use CCleaner for this thing.

3. Clean from viruses and malicious programs etc 

very simple but must be done, use a program to remove spyware, adware, malware and other viruses that interfere with your PC. If you frequently use the internet then you can use internet security, or if you're more likely to process data, it is better to use antivirus.

4. Defrag You can trim the data on the use of defrag program. 

With defrag you can get a larger storage space, and faster in the search because the system has been trimmed.

5. Update the version 

of the program with the latest version of the update you will get a change of the program so that you can more quickly access the program and get new features that are tailored to today.

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