show hidden files in windows 7

show hidden files in windows 7 : Many of the files or data that you need to hide due to interests or secret in order not to spread it. Google is widely spread in a way to hide a folder or folders by locking using notepad and so on. But on Windows 7 itself has no way to hide personal files on the computer for you.

show hidden files in windows 7

Using this feature also allows you to have no important files are accidentally deleted.

Here's how to hidden files on the computer:

1. Open My Computer and select Organize. On the organize option, you can click on the folder and Seacrh Option

2. In the Folder Options screen, select the View tab

How to hide private files in Windows 7 can be used as a first precaution so that any important files are not accessible, the previous file or folder must be in a state of hidden first by right-clicking on the folder, and choose Properties, then select the hidden ago Ok. Good luck.

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