auto shutdown windows 7

auto shutdown windows 7 - When you have to go but there are some of you who bear the download process, or you're doing a virus scan using Antivirus, it seems wasteful also leave your computer switched on but no process is done after the process of downloading or scanning is completed, for example. You need a way of automatic shutdown in Windows 7, because Windows 7 itself has a feature where you can do any scheduling on your computer, including the shutdown.

auto shutdown windows 7

Here's how auto shutdown Windows 7 :

1. Select Start, then type in Task Scheduler, and then enter

2. Select Create Basic Task

3. Give the name as you, for example, an automatic shutdown mode in Windows 7, then Next

4. In the Trigger tab you select One Time and Next

5. Then next specify the date and time you want, then Next

6. Select Start a program, then Next

7.Pada program / script, select the browse and search the shutdown.exe she added / s, then Next After the Finish

How to auto shutdown Windows 7 can you use to suit your wishes, option one time because just wanted to try, but if it wants to make its own schedule you can select another schedule such as daily, and so forth. Good luck.

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