windows 10 : How To Change Drive Letter Hard

windows 10 : How To Change Drive Letter Hard - To you who store data on external hard drive preferably when you use Drive Letter attention on the hard drive you if you check My Computer. When you're working on something from your external hard drive, the applications sometimes take the path where the file is stored as an example is Adobe Premiere, video editor application will take a path or track your storage area. If you store on the drive letter in G: for example, but when moving the computer, the drive you read into H :. Project then you can not be opened. There are ways to change your hard disk drive letter short and too easy.

windows 10 : How To Change Drive Letter Hard

The reason why the drive letter to the external hard disk can be changed is because each computer has a different way of naming or on computers that have used the Drive Letter.

windows 10 : Here's how to change the hard disk drive letter:

1. Select Start and type Administrative Tools and press enter

2. Select Computer Management

3. Select Disk Management and then you can select an external hard drive that you want to change the drive letter of his

4. Click right on your external hard drive, and select Change Drive Letter and Paths

5. Select Change, then you can change the font you want, and select Ok and Ok again.

6. Once the external hard disk drive letter you've changed as you wish.

This method can be used in Road Mice on the operating system Windows 10. Before you hit Ok, will appear warning that some of the content in it will change the path so you need to look carefully beforehand. Good luck.

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