windows 10 : Tips Copy Files Faster in Windows

windows 10 : Tips Copy Files Faster in Windows - The larger the file you then will the longer the time required to move or copy the file. Does not rule out also when you want to stop the copy process but there is no response, even the note Not Responding. There are 3 tips copy files faster in Windows that maybe some of you already know, but it is helpful to consider the basic things that you can copy files faster.

windows 10 : Tips Copy Files Faster in Windows

Use key combinations may already be the most basic, and you also could have known this way in which to copy using Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X Cut use, and to copy or paste using Ctrl + V.

" windows 10 " But 3 tips copy files faster in Windows can you see the following:

1. Do not copy between disk or FlashDisk

If the file size is so small it may not be a problem, but it will be a problem when you launch an inter-disk copy files or flash. The slow process due to the transfer speed of data transfer which is owned by the usb slots will affect the file copy process, so you should first move the data into the computer or your laptop, you just copy the file to another drive.

2. Use Teracopy

TeraCopy is an application where you can improve your file copy speed will be faster, and you can delay (pause) or continue (resume) file that is being transferred. If there is any damage or error then, TeraCopy will not come past the error but the error and continue the file copy process.

3. Use Windows 10 and 8

Compared with Windows 7, on Windows 10 and 8 there is a new interface when you do the download process where you will see there is no pause button. In addition you can also do some of the copy process at once, and the file copy process is also faster.

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