windows 10 how to restart computer

windows 10 how to restart computer - If your computer suddenly slow when used, would you be upset. Plus, if you're opening a program, then the program error or the note is not responding.

windows 10 how to restart computer

Terdakang we had to wait quite a long time if an error occurs such that, even we can not close the program if it was an error. When you find something like this, many people are directly forcibly turn off the computer by pressing the power button until the computer turns off, then turn it on again.

Actually, the way is not good for the computer, especially if too often. This time JalanTikus will give you tips on how to turn off the program error without having to restart or shut down your computer.

First press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard simultaneously. After that you will see several menus such as Lock this computer, Switch User, Log off, Change a password, and start the task manager. Select Start task manager to continue.

After that, you will see some of the programs currently running on your computer you like in the picture above. You just select the program that error, and then click End Task. After the program the error will be closed and you can continue your activities.

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