how to install custom rom android

how to install custom rom android - One of the advantages of Android is its ability as an operating system that can be used on a variety of devices and brands. In addition, Android also can be customized, as well as hardware. That is, you can use a custom ROM to maximize the performance of your Android device.

how to install custom rom android

Even so, not all devices can you hack to make these changes. Most smartphone vendors choose to limit it in accordance with their respective policies. You need some special way to determine what is the appropriate custom ROM with your device. In addition, you also need a custom ROM you want to try.

What Is a Custom ROM and what Usefulness?

Custom ROM is the version of Android made by developers or third party developers for your device. Custom ROM created to replace the stock ROM, Android version supplied as standard by smartphone vendors you have. There are many reasons for you to try using a custom ROM. Most Android users want to remove the bloatware that generally can not be removed when using the stock ROM has the potential to improve performance and battery life, as well as allowing you to get the version of Android that is not provided by your smartphone vendor.

Even so, there are also disadvantages of using a custom ROM, such as the cancellation of the warranty, the lack of support for hardware such as cameras and in fact, can drain the battery. But if you use a custom ROM from a trusted source, then these deficiencies do not you get, except cancellation of the warranty.

Place Download ROM

There are many places downloaded ROM available on the Internet for your device, but CyanogenMod is the first place that is very recommended for you to visit. CyanogenMod is one of the best in custom Android ROM and become one with the best reputations as well. Support smartphone offered quite a lot, and therefore likely to find a match with your device.

how to install custom rom

ROM from CyanogenMod usually proven to increase performance and battery life, increase the version of Android rather than supported by the vendor and also includes various other additional features that can improve the overall performance of the device. If you are using a device that is quite popular, you will be able to easily find custom ROM at Cyanogen.

However, if you are using devices that are less popular, can be custom ROM CyanogenMod does not provide for you. The next step may be you can visit the XDA Developers forum, which is an active Android hacker community. The Forum is also great because it has a sub-forum for almost every Android device released and many who post their own homemade custom ROM in this sub-forum.

Because anyone can easily post their homemade costume ROM and certainly do not have the technical support and the guarantee of success, then you should be careful in choosing a costume ROM that you find here.

For a brief guide, ensure the following:

  1. Developer or custom ROM creators have stated that the stable version / final, not a beta, alpha, etc..
  2. Developer declared fully hardware support.
  3. There are many testimonials from other members who have successfully used a custom ROM.
  4. Not many complaints or problems presented in the thread; problems that may arise is small and not a fatal problem.
  5. It's important to be careful in choosing a custom ROM, due to a failure in the process of flashing can make your Android destroyed, or so-called "bricked"

How to Install Custom ROM :

After finding a suitable custom ROM, you need to run the install properly. You must find a guide to install clear, because each device uses a different way. Even so, you can understand easily if it had understood the process in general.

Replace Recovery

Flashing the ROM is usually through two processes. The first step is to flash ClockworkMod Recovery recovery called to your device. Recovery is similar to the BIOS on the computer, which allows you to run various administrative commands on the device without having to run Android into memory. You must change the recovery to be easily flashing ROM into your device.

How to do quite diverse, and therefore very important for you to read instructions. Sometimes you are asked to use fastboot to boot into the recovery device, or you can also use tools like Heimdall. Install recovery is a step that is quite difficult. Furthermore, it becomes much easier.

Flashing ROMs

The next step is flashing a custom ROM into your device. Once the .zip file you downloaded from the Internet, the data is uploaded into the device via a USB cable, then turn off your device, turn it back into recovery. Boot into recovery using a combination of buttons other than the Power button and can be different on each device. On most devices, usually a combination of the buttons are pressed every button on the device while pressing the Power button, such as the Power + Volume Down / Up + Home (if any).

how to install custom rom

Once the recovery is running, open the menu to wipe the phone and flash the .zip file into the device. For ClockworkMod Recovery, the choice is to wipe data / factory reset and install zip from sdcard. Once the process is complete, reboot the device as usual and costume ROM is installed on the device kamu.Jika you install a custom ROM CyanogenMod, it helps you flash the Google Apps package after flashing the ROM to be able to use the Play Store. The second separation package was done on the basis of law.


Congratulations! If you perform each step in the process of flashing a custom ROM in accordance with the instructions, the device you are using a custom ROM will run without problems. There will be no problem as long as you are careful and confident with the steps that you are running.

Did you install a custom ROM on your Android device? Please share your experiences.

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