android applications : how to uninstall

android applications : how to uninstall - The number of applications that can be used on Android as well as free makes you want to try these applications. By downloading and then try it, you can determine which applications are good for you to use as well as which applications you should not use. But if you constantly install the application but you do not use, it will accumulate, but it also spent a storage capacity of SD card is yours. For that you should uninstall applications you rarely or never use.

android applications

" android applications " Here's how to uninstall android applications are true :

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Application Manager

3. Select the application you want to delete, and select Uninstall

4. When the confirmation screen appears, select OK

5. The application has been successfully uninstalled will confirm as below

The fewer applications that you do not need, then the performance will also be improved Android you can even achieve optimum performance. How to uninstall this android application right way the mice on Android version 4.1.2. Good luck.

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