Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Full Repack

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Full Repack | After the game NARUTO released the first update pack - Naruto - Naruto as the developer of the Gale of Ultimate Ninja storm 4, finally got a lot of harsh criticism from cyber connectotou gamers and fans. We discovered in this game has many bugs, as explained in the previous post. 

You need this update, fix joystick problems and drop FPS issues Cyber connect too small bugs that sometimes do not work audio problems. It's like you if you are experiencing a bug, install this update.


How to install:

NARUTO - Naruto - storm 4 (Update Pack) through the link above, download
Unzip the file you previously downloaded WinRAR and you
Copy all of the files in the folder you unzipped.
You pasted into the folder of the Naruto storm 4 > replace / overwrite.
Run the game from NSUNS4.exe.
Happy playing!
Note: you do not have the game? Here is the download of the first

Update notes:

Audio: Mono left audio problems have been fixed
Audio: no sound after you reconnect the device to lose game
Audio: background music now works with a rumble but correctly Adventure mode in cloud village hidden instructions
Keyboard compatibility: do not lose keystrokes after the match game
Compatible gamepad: gamepad response has been improved

Link Download:

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