Clash Royale mod v1.2.3

Clash Royale mod v1.2.3 | On the occasion of this evening I announced the new games you can play on Android and iPhone. Thewinning is known from the creators of crash of clan last games in 2016 games crash latest Royal 2016 is of course my friend's favorite game with real-time multiplayer games. Games developed by supercell, is the developer of the game very well IE COC Games Android (crash of clan) is totally had known. Gameplay is similar to games of the COC, but differs from a gemnya system. Was interested because my friends play it game sob installing right away to play, this game is very exciting and very fun that can guarantee to play on mobile phones Android mate. So my friend, first connect to the Internet, this sob Royal game crash is online.

To play the game my friend INO to win their Pila, broke the opponent in the arena may have as King or Queen, Knight, baby Dragon, puluhuan clans military conflict to collect feature cards, spells and defense colleagues and to upgrade the Crown and glory, you attack enemy Towers of their King and her daughter. You can build a battle buddy in your own community, my friends to share the cards form a clan.

The game crashed briefly the defence's Royal. By using the strategy of the system or whine in my opinion, it is described as a Tower Defense game, but just a little different, but the same sob. Their friends scrnshot I provided below to see if my friend was curious about this new game.


The justification;
Combat experience on certain tremors Royales straight to include another! Imperial conflict is gathering duels card amusement space in the strife. New amusement that life has some new bends time, your most beloved and brilliant factions unite. In an assortment of different enclosures and Challenger loot, Crown and superbness.

Empire fighting about, but many, prohibition of fighting and holds many! Super ' ve a lot of time to think in multi-purpose player con versus player looking for energetic and engaging approach, we finally found it. Tribal self created diversion group struggle is another brilliant battle experience, we differ from any other entertainment recently played for some time.

Delicate start starting 4 January, very happy watching you in the fight for our country chose! In particular, we heard ideas for your criticism and recreation, we hope. Specifically to the side listening to how to play side existing Clashers fight tribal family and anticipate and appreciate.

It is not too cumbersome if you examine and diversion Group Chief Pat meeting, we are enter your share regular issues and conflicts in the collection and the Royals.

Let's meet at the stadium
The crash of the Royal


  • Take their trophy duel players and reviews from around the world in real time
  • Acquiring the chest to unlock rewards, new, powerful cards to collect and upgrade existing ones
  • Earn Crown and destroy your opponent, to win the Crown a magnificent treasure chest
  • Upgrade, and build a collection of clash between the Royal family and your card along with dozens of crash forces favorite, spells and defense
  • Build your ultimate battle deck in order to beat your opponents
  • Is going back to all the way through the arena of multiple
  • In order to build a battle of their own community, and share the cards form a clan
  • Challenge your Clanmates and friends to a private duel
  • Duel TV-Royal the best to watch and learn different battle tactics

Screen shot:

Game info:
Size:87.05 MB
Requred: Android 4.0.3

In the whine of this Royal game crashes already my friend heroes will be used in the form of cards can be donated by MATE in the drama, and the clannya are plenty more. No errors will crash the game Royal good for LO, of course, very lightly the trust gives the appearance. Now you are new games come in 2016, download this game and a do DAH.


  • Six new CARDS
  • -New common card: Royal Giants
  • -New rare card: 3 Musketeers
  • -New epic card: dark Prince, poison
  • -New code reality: the legendary...
  • NEW ARENA, the chest, DVDs & more
  • -Arena:Builder workshop
  • -Chest: chest jayantsupermagicalcest
  • -Deck slot: save multiple battle deck
  • BALANCE & other changes
  • -Card balance: we did re-balance some cards, then visit to find out more
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