CLASH OF LORDS Apk 2 | Very cool game called Heroes 2 V.1.0.200 APK crash. This game is my friend can manage venues and friends complete defense and kolompok often do battle with the enemy, sekatika of strategy games is play this game allows you to control various types of hero.

Mechanism of the crash the game Heroes 2 is divided into two separate parts. You need to create a powerful defense system to protect the city, such as selecting heroes to defend that he is in the first. Can build a foundation to withstand the attack and to attack fellow hero you wanted to tell, fitting their 40 heroes and mercenary troops
Other cities in a few seconds. Ready to hit that! If my friends want to play this game, day game download hunts.

Progress before you review their most loved by 2 different time periods is to strengthen the legend conflicts that are deployed in the Senate. Berserker convincing joins in the battle. Fun with destructive testing approach provides for legends of the PvP arena to play any time more than any other in recent memory. It was not every one of these great strife at the time!

You control the action! Activate heroes fighting skills in real time!
Brand new mercenary mode is pair heroes and armies!
Play your way! 9 PvE and PvP mode, always have something fun!
Fight with your friends! Guild system robust, and can fight alongside (or against! ) Of your allies!
Play for free to play! Heroes of free jewelry for every day sign in the clash between the heroes 2!

Screen shot:

New hero, wanton joined collision
If you have to attract them: hero takes a new skill.
Berserker: bakhup
The familiar abyss: reach details
Skull Meiji: Magic forces
You can choose your reward on the lucky spin on this! Seoul and mutagens are also added as a prize
You can now reset your hero enchanted levels
Valentine's Day Pack has been added
Link Download: 

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