clash of Clans APK v8.116.2 latest update

clash of Clans APK v8.116.2 latest update | - War strategy game download clash of clans the best Android apk latest version. It is a new very difficult sometimes because it takes patience to get it there after all this time and now finally has built its TH9 I first played the game COC I may seem fair. Among gamers and update well, this time I have Android most popular games in one with no today, in 2016, the latest update to version and Android clash of clans.
clash of Clans APK v8.116.2 latest update
For those who don't know, crash of clan is telling about the clan war strategy war game. Here, works as a head (leader) clan. Now, your task is also steal resources useful in upgrading skills and defense of our troops, protect your lead village home from training combat troops, and build a village. Can also start another village to attack to get military natural resources into wealth and villages you barbarians, archers, Giants, such as goblins, balloon, dragons, was very familiar with. Strikes in other villages, so you are a powerful army must have will and weapons is appropriate as the cannons, bombs, and other barracks.

You can unlock hero Archer Queen and Grand warden in the thrill of this game crashes how clans to set the maturing strategic point between the clan have fun war we with the help of the special force in war, such as golems, Pekka, pigs, Dragon, witch, lava hounds, you get 3 stars for the barbarian King is required if you enter 7 TH, support heroes will be present in the later is unthinkable, City Hall following the upgrade.

Clan game for Android, crash, has the following features :
  1. Play for free.
  2. Build your village of invincible fortress
  3. Players from around the world to fight and takes the victory points for them.
  4. To form the ultimate clan joined with other players.
  5. In the epic clan wars against rival clan.
  6. Various levels of upgrades 15 unique units.
  7. Protect your cannon, towers, mortars, bombs, traps and wall and your village.
  8. Throughout the Kingdom for the King of the goblins of the epic campaign.
  9. And the other more

New in V8.116.2:
  • New treasures and the Ministry of finance.
  • Star won the multiplayer battles, daily win bonus loot.
  • Collect loot cart to recover the resources lost on defense.
  • New Treasury Department safeguard clan war and star bonus booty makeup guest reviews help to upgrade them large
For those who want to try to play well, game clans latest apk asiknya crash, you can download it via the link below.

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