Battle of Ages Mod V1.4

Battle of Ages V1.4  | Battle is the latest Android games, known as the middle ages MOD APK v1.4. Sob in the game, fighting game the gameplay is a friend of mine very difficult becoming the Kingdom with an exciting and diverse military force, also stood up to steal your opponent in order to build his own empire and various companions to attack opposition forces to destroy the opponent's Castle and is a friend of mine couldn't wake up penetrate forces attacking the Mace peers of the realm rigid defence.

 Has to enforce the bengunan friends who have the APK battle age of Mod and upgrade defense in this game. Is that power had to steal other players is a friend of mine, where the goal is to have cracked. Wise to set strategy in terms of use of gems to mate for buddy comes to buildings or military work and awesome power that can not be wise. Android game settings patience and strategy needed to play onlinePamper you while playing with the graphics display, in addition to having interesting background story of the game, because it will surely miss you is invaluable.


  • From the beginning of time until the age of today are leading civilization.
  • After taking age more quickly, dispatching from time-6, undeniable truth, and venture from the current old!
  • A huge number of different acquisition on a global scale for players and compete.
  • Check the new effective weapon to help you in your fight.
  • Teamed up with fellow tackle another rally in an epic battle to cross the age!
  • Older players-see Knights of the savage battles medieval Neolithic, Roman
  • Legionnaire's standoff against Union suit!
  • 22 to establish a separate unit, a unique spell of 15 and 11 unique traps and special structure of 50 or more!
  • By connecting to online networking account and store your entertainment, on the gadget plays in the transverse direction.

Screen shot:

Game info:
Name: battle medieval
Decrease instead of increase
Requires Android 4.0 and up
Version: 1.4


  • To further balance the gameplay, new update!
  • NEW! Starting from 1000 trophy League now available
  • Has been improved! Increasing trophy and won the battle, lost
  • FIXED! Construction costs for the early age has increased slightly
  • FIXED! Thieves in the medieval age of now the first unlocked.
  • Download now and fight back!

What is the Department of Defense is as follows.

  • Infinity gems
  • Infinite coins
  • In contrast to the increment decreased,
Link Download:

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