Pirates: Caribbean hunt v2.5 mod latest apk unlimited money

Free download Pirates: back again ya Android games APK Caribbean hunt V2.5 Mod | I can play in the latest apk unlimited money for Caribbean hunt v2.5 Mod: Android mobile phone friends, this game is known as the pirate adventure game. If you're playing the game will addict fellow, of course, very exciting game. In the role-playing game Pirates: Caribbean hunt APK buddy becomes reliable pirate sailing in the vast ocean of the world. Became a captain of a ship mate for organization and child buathnya came to attack my friends my friends here, facing the enemy. It is a formidable injure enemy buddy, my friend seroang pirate captain. Worthy in the Android cell phone friends play the adventure game very, well, my friend is on the fans of this game if it is.
Pirates: Caribbean hunt v2.5 mod latest apk unlimited money
The justification;
  • 11 class of ships,
  • Fleet size unlimited
  • The control several ships during the battle
  • Ship to Fort fights and heavy mortars.
  • 5 types of ammunition-cannonball, Chambers, and bombs with grapeshots anddoubles the
  • Special weapon: explosive barrels, advance boarding attacksbreaking hammer oilburning
  • 30 ship upgrades
  • Character development and earn experience and level up
  • 20 Captain skill-unlicking new game features and possibilities
  • A realistic sailing model, distance and time lapse
  • Hundreds of dozens of Islands and ports
  • Day / night cycle.
  • Construction of the building and upgrade
  • Several players held the base
  • Some kind of sea battles with unlimited number (merchant, smuggler, motorcade,militatry)
  • People's living world complete with set of story-driven campaigns.
  • Reputation in the five countries,
Screen shot:
Pirates: Caribbean hunt v2.5 mod latest apk unlimited money
Game info:
Game name: Pirates: Caribbean hunt
Game category: action games
Last update: 1/28/2016
Game size: 37 MB
Game version: 2.5
Development Office: home games
File format: APK
Requires Android:2.3.3 and up

Download link:

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