Lara Croft Relic Run 1.7.83 Mod Apk Data

APK 1.7.83 landeta free Lala croftlerick mod | a cool adventure game to play Android Companion. Runs most Fellows whine of this game, in my opinion, is the same as the temple run can avoid obstacles in the road. Lara Croft: this is a new adventure for nostalgic fans of the relic lanlara Croft. Equipped with the dark conspiracy threatening the world, only Lara Croft is digging for the truth. In order to reveal the truth to my friends to play this game, to solve the mystery, discover ancient artifacts, beautiful and challenging environment can through the swing, push, and diving. 07 / 01 / 83 this APK MOD version that this game has changed the mood had King in Lara Croft games artifacts run the sobs. Friends want to get this game for download only sob.
Lara Croft Relic Run 1.7.83 Mod Apk Data


  • White each side secret and dangerous, filled-make your way through some of the ancient place
  • Involved in the fight and shooting Lara panic power-ups and weapons
  • The move to Parkour action makes a death-defying escape at the last minute
  • Great fast cars such as ATV and motorcycles gives more ways to conquer the terrain to Lara
  • Fight epic bosses-including the return of the famous t-Rex Tomb Raider! Enemy in battle mode.
  • To give Lara edge swap and upgrade equipment and weapons
  • And earned the right to brag on the leader board, and make the game more addictive to
  • Block friends on the relic accusations run to outwit the

At the losing trick of the dark world, just examine the reality and Laura. And found the old ruins to find the real swing and drive the great Swan and jump your way through a test environment and the mystery solved.

Screen shot:

New features: v 7.1.83:

  • Has put a new update for it's Christmas, so we specify the Lara Croft relic file name in your stocking, you run. Get updates to unwrap and enjoy:
  • New Christmas Santa costume
  • The costume starting bonus ammunition and new area 51
  • New money and weapon options
  • Improved supply drop-will be visible as soon as ready for the supply drop
  • An improved head start-now auto collection jewelry, hand cues and power-ups
  • Russia-language support
  • Forget the reviews for these relics to keep hunting and keep climbing as you reach to the top of the mountain all!

What is the MOD:

  • Unlimited coins/diamonds
Link Download:

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