4 how to reduce swollen eyes because using leptop

how to reduce swollen eyes because using leptop - For those of you who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, of course never experienced eye fatigue due to prolonged work is not it? Headaches, eye irritation, itching or eye fatigue is a syndrome that often occurs when someone is too old to work at the computer.

4 how to reduce swollen eyes because using leptop

The most appropriate solution to this problem is to reduce the time in front of computers. Leaving a seat for a moment and look out the window is a very effective way to reduce eye fatigue due to working too long. Unfortunately, it may not be easy to leave the desk just to rest instead? Moreover, often when working person becomes lost track of time and can not remember a time to rest.

To help you reduce eye fatigue when working, then you can use some free software below.


EyeDefender using the same principles with other web applications of eye relief, which is a reminder of the break / reminder.

This application runs in the system tray and run the count down for break / next break. When the rest time comes, you can choose one of four options eye break, which saw the picture, do a little exercise eye, activate the screensaver, or display pop-up messages as reminder / reminder.

Given a brief visual exercise is quite useful. The screen turns into a dark, then you are asked to follow the display that appears, move your eyes. In this way, your eyes do not just look at the point of constant continuously.


Workrave is open-source software break reminder that have micro-break reminders (short rest), rest-break (long break) and limit the use of computers per day.

You can set break fit your wants and needs and choose to skip / skip or defer / postpone a scheduled rest period. Break / rest periods will appear to remind you to rest so you can not use the computer until a break-out, unless you choose to skip or postpone the break time.

When the rest time comes, you can use that time to stand up to leave the desk for a moment to walk or run simple activities offered Workrave.


If you want to eliminate eye fatigue when working, F.lux is a program that is suitable. Applications that are already well known is automatically adjust light levels based on time your monitor, preventing eye fatigue because the light is too bright in a dark room.

To use this software, you will be asked to specify your location and F.lux will automatically determine the time of sunset to then adjust the monitor lighting automatically.


Sunglasses is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to adjust the brightness of the monitor to the Chrome browser.

To use it, you simply access Sunglasses at the top right of the browser, set the brightness level, and click Save. You can further read or work with light lighter without unsightly. This setting only applies to any browser.

Sunglasses extension also supports keyboard shortcut that allows you to do the settings without having to open the settings menu.

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