The latest RPG game rush magic: Heroes v1.1.48 APK

APK free download latest RPG game rush magic: Heroes v1.1.48 | : Heroes APK: good morning sobbing, on occasion this morning, I'll share game called magic crash. Thisgame is I have a lot of surprises make skill an exciting adventure and his fellow heroesand defense, RPG (role playing game) witch adventure game whine, berngenre game.To play the rush game magic: Heroes is a new battle with the forces of darkness, andprotect the population of the Empire, stop the intrusion a huge fellow mod buddy APK.Along the path of the enemy position on a fellow party member. Should not be isbreaking through the enemy's defenses. Open the banyakkan heroes with uniqueabilities, so invincible as strongly as possible. Test the hero in the battle arena. If myfriend is a fan of adventure games, OK, that would be nice
It's a download PAL only.

  1. Has the war strategy and three different styles.
  2. For best control and RPG games.
  3. Real_time strategic battle that erupted on the world map.
  4. Improve the mission Tower Defense to the additional sources of energy andkemanpuan
  5. Used the strongest magic spells and skills-targeting control of use.
  6. Keep and protect you in a PVP arena, get the Grand Prize and menakluka enemyKehormtan.
  7. Hero and defending is to maximize sercara the maximum damage as the strongest.
  8. You can provide defense from the Tower fronts and prizes.
  9. Adventure quest to earn extra strength.

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The latest RPG game rush magic: Heroes v1.1.48 APK

  • War of the thrones will be released on all servers.
  • In the throne war victory Alliance gets special flag Alliance.
  • Being lowered and the Christmas tree on the main page.
  • Rewritten part of the plot dialog box early in the game.
  • Added special effects at the end of each chapter.
  • The size of the text on the page-recharge automatically.
  • Added & given damage & and & healing after battle statistics and statistics.
  • Monmouth on Tower Defense is now a monster pure magic immune.

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