Solo Launcher Apk v2.2.9

Download Solo Launcher Apk foe android | - Solo android application launcher Launcher is very interesting with a comprehensive range of features. With the motto "Fast, Boost, Smart" this launcher provide the best service, which is to increase the speed, as well as save RAM.
Beberpa things to do Solo Launcher ie, cleaning the cache, saving battery life, increase the speed, and much more. Solo Launcher also arguably the lightest Android launcher.
Download Solo Launcher Apk foe android

Features Solo Launcher - Fast, Boost, Smart.

  1. Smart Web Search: Find articles with ease using Solo Search
  2. Solo Market: There are more than 5,000 theme that can download for free, and 300 personalization settings.
  3. Visualized Setting: Perform the setting android mate easily and well using the Smart settings menu.
  4. Smart Homescreen Icon Management: Applications often use automatic buddy are in the Home screen.
  5. Smart Widget: There are various widgat very interesting.

How buddy, interested Launcher uses the light of this? Buddy can download Solo Launcher android apk through the link below.

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