remote access - how to remotely access another computer

remote access - how to remotely access another computer - You love downloading torrent files or large? It seems rather difficult if you live because you can not monitor how the state of downloading the file, whether the connection is dead or the file has finished downloading. There is software that you can use to monitor remotely ie TeamViewer. You can download TeamViewer via Road Rat. TeamViewer at least could be one way to access the computer remotely.

remote access - how to remotely access another computer

TeamViewer is actually a remote application where you can access your computer remotely using an Internet connection. But to be able to access the destination computer, you must enter the computer id.

It is merely to minimize the access of others to take data. Here's how to access the computer remotely:

  1. Install first TeamViewer, and then select Personal selection / non-commercial use.
  2. When it also, you will get the ID and Password.
  3. Agar get connected, go to the Control Remote Computerisi Partner ID with the ID computer you want to access. After that you can select the option for Remote Control or File Transfer. After that press Connect to partner.

remote access

When you choose Remote Control, then it will allow you to access the computer, such as moving the mouse and typing. When you choose File Transfer and you can retrieve files that you need from the computer. How to access the computer remotely is quite safe as long as you do not give id and password TeamViewer your computer to any person.

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